Window King International has a unique approach, prioritising the business relation. We unburden our partners for the purchasing and delivery of windows and doors.

Delivering windows

Thanks to our strategically selected locations all over the globe, we are able to offer global possibilities and not only are we able to affect the production process and purchase at low cost but we are also able to ship efficiently all over the world. In large as well as in small volumes.

Purchasing Service

With this service, we completely take over the purchasing process. We acquire windows from Polish manufacturers for other companies. We facilitate communication with the manufacturer and purchase the order on account of the client. The procurement service consists of communication, purchasing and complaint processing. This service is only available for large companies.

Logistics Service

We are located close to the Rotterdam harbour, which means we can act quickly regarding transport, offering shipment to almost every country in the world. We can take over the entire logistics process. There are several options here; should you wish to take on shipment yourself, you can. It is also possible to have the windows delivered directly to the project site.

Internationally located

High-quality guaranteed

10-year warranty

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