We are an internationally oriented organisation with multiple branches

Specialised in the delivery of high-quality European windows and doors. We excel in offering world-wide possibilities. Thanks to our global subdivisions we can serve every segment of the market and deliver the required products that comply with high quality demands.  


Our mission is to make the world more durable by supplying high-grade windows and doors that ensure proper insulation. Consequently, costs related to for instance air conditioning are reduced and less CO² is emitted. This way, we are improving the world just a tiny bit, day by day. Our goal: to sell 5 million well-insulating windows and doors by 2030.

What is it that makes us unique?

Thanks to our strategically selected locations all over the globe, we are able to offer global possibilities and not only are we able to affect the production process and purchase at low cost, but we are also able to ship efficiently all over the world. In large as well as in small volumes.


We are established in the Netherlands and Aruba.

  • Headquarters – Alblasserdam, the Netherlands
  • Warehouse – Weert, the Netherlands
  • Hub location - Aruba

Headquarters Alblasserdam in the Netherlands

The location of our headquarters has been strategically selected and is located nearby the Rotterdam harbour, allowing us to ship windows and doors quickly and efficiently all over the world.

All the incoming orders are coordinated from this central location. Our export department is working 24/7 to coordinate the incoming orders and ensuring that all containers are ready to ship the windows and doors of your projects. We have allocated a special team to handle the shipments, who safeguard that all windows and doors will arrive safe and sound in any location across the globe.

Furthermore, we have a sales department in Alblasserdam that is oriented towards the Dutch market. We carry our own brand name in the Netherlands, with a premium web shop (valued a 9/10 by our clients).

Hub location Aruba

Our hub location in Aruba has been positioned tactically and serves the north, central and south part of the US. This location allows us to be close to our relations in these areas. Thanks to this location, we contribute to a more efficient and simpler process, giving us the opportunity to build solid partnerships all throughout the US. 

Network in Poland

Our network in Poland is extensive. We maintain intense contact with the factories that manufacture windows of the finest European quality.

Our very own quality department visits and audits factories unannounced to inspect the quality of their windows and doors. This way, we can ensure a high-standard quality to our clients.

Then we have our technical calculation unit. This department will work out all the projects and orders. 

In Poland, we are not only a purchaser and quality control unit but also an intermediary and supplier for the manufacturers. We ensure that the manufacturer receives specialized products for orders with specialized requirements. We make sure these products are delivered to the factories, to be processed into the final product. 

Internationally located

High-quality guaranteed

10-year warranty

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