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We ensure lower air conditioning costs and reduced CO²-emission levels, hence, a reduced carbon footprint. 

Are you looking for high-quality European made windows?

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Premium quality at competitive prices

We have an extensive network in Poland. Poland is the beating heart of the window and door industry in Europe. They are the best in producing high quality windows due to constant innovation and staying ahead of the market. The plants in Poland are huge, factories we work with produce up to a whopping 10.000 windows per day.

Thanks to our direct contact with the factories (we visit regularly), we offer windows and doors at highly competitive prices. Besides that, we know our markets internationally. We work together with the factories to have the best windows and doors that will meet the requirements of the different markets.

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Material selection

We deliver uPVC and aluminium windows and doors. Do you need help choosing which windows or brands best suit your project? Feel free to contact us, we like to think along and offer our recommendations.

We purchase for you

We are a Dutch company with an extensive network in Poland. This means that we can interact directly and personally with the finest factories, maintaining an outlook and impact on the production process.

We ensure competitive prices

Thanks to our direct line of contact with the factories, we are able to offer windows and doors at highly competitive prices.

We ensure high quality

The quality standard is our priority number 1, and to warrant this quality level, we run quality inspections in the factories, enabling us to guarantee that the windows and doors comply with the market quality standards. High quality at a competitive price.

We deliver at your request

We will deliver the windows and doors where you need them and when you want them. Please take certain delivery terms into account. 

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Contact us to discuss the possibilities of your projects. We are at your disposal, and we are known for our fast service, direct communication, and the best price/quality ratio.

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